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If you need to show your employer a medical certificate for sick leave or carer’s leave, Sicky can save you time and money. Simply download the free Sicky app and get assessed over video by one of our healthcare professionals. If you’re deemed unfit for work, we’ll send you a medical certificate for only $19.95.


Connect with a healthcare professional instantly from the comfort of your home.


Our trained healthcare professionals provide certificates covered under Australia’s Fair Work Act 2009.


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Download Sicky

If you need to miss work due to illness or caregiving duties, download the free Sicky app from the Apple Store or Google Play by searching for Sicky. Or click our website links.

Connect With Health Professionals

Open the Sicky app and request a call with one of our healthcare professionals.

Conduct Health Assessment Online

When ready, our healthcare professional will provide you, or your dependant, with a free health assessment via video call.

Receive Medical Certificate

If our healthcare professional deems you unwell, you will receive a medical certificate for absence of work or study in your inbox for just $19.95.

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01Do I need to download the Sicky app?

Yes. We provide our assessments online over video call, and the best way to accurately assess you or your dependant is via your phone’s camera.

If you’re having trouble downloading or running the Sicky app, please reach out to our support team via email at

Sicky has a team of experienced pharmacists ready to assess you or your dependent.

Under Australian law, pharmacists are qualified to provide healthcare advice, as well as certificates for medical or carer’s leave. This also applies to online services like Sicky.

If you believe you may have a serious medical condition or require immediate treatment, please do not use Sicky and instead dial 000.

This time varies on a case-by-case basis, however most Sicky users are assessed in around 10 minutes.

This varies on a case-by-case basis.

Our pharmacists will likely ask about your (or your unwell dependant’s) symptoms and medical history.

Your online video assessment doesn’t cost anything.

If you’re deemed unfit for work due to sickness or needing to care for a dependant, the certificate to show your employer or university will cost $19.95.

After being assessed as unfit for work or university, your pharmacists will write and issue a certificate.

This should be available within a few minutes after your assessment.

We might not have received payment for your certificate. Please ensure that your payment details are correct and up to date.

If your payment has been processed but the certificate still isn’t viewable, try restarting the Sicky app.

If the above doesn’t work and your certificate still isn’t accessible, please reach out to our support team at

Our pharmacists will only issue a certificate if they assess you as unfit for work.

It is against Australian law for a pharmacist to issue a certificate if they do not believe your symptoms make you unfit for work or university, or if they have reason to believe you are untruthful about your symptoms.

Additionally, Sicky can’t issue certificates for sick or carer’s leave relating to pregnancy, for compassionate leave, or if they believe that that your illness or injury may require further consultation with a doctor.

The Australian Fair Work Act 2009 gives pharmacists the right to assess symptoms and issue certificates as legitimate proof of absence from work or university.

This means that a certificate from Sicky is legitimate proof that you were unable to attend work or university.

However, some workplace agreements or awards can require certificates from a registered medical practitioner (such as a doctor) in certain circumstances. This is generally a rare occurrence. If you believe this may be applicable to you, please confirm this before purchasing a certificate from Sicky.

Our certificates can be used to show your employer or university that you were unfit for work.

Should you require a certificate for reasons such as extended sick leave, compassionate leave, family/maternity leave, health/welfare entitlements or insurance claims, a certificate from one of Sicky’s pharmacists may not be sufficient.

You should confirm with the required party that a certificate issued by a pharmacist will be suitable before using Sicky.

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